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Reserved Shares

By default a public or private share is assigned a share token when you create a share using the zrok share command. The zrok share command is the bridge between your local environment and the users you are sharing with. When you terminate the zrok share, the bridge is eliminated and the share token is deleted. If you run zrok share again, you will be allocated a brand new share token.

You can use a reserved share to persist your share token across multiple runs of the zrok share bridge. When you use a reserved share, the share token will not be deleted between multiple runs of zrok share.

To use a reserved share, you will first run the zrok reserve command to create the reserved share (see zrok reserve --help for details). Once you've created your reserved share, you will use the zrok share reserved command (see --help for details) to run the bridge for the shared resource.

This pattern works for both public and private shares, and for all resource types supported by zrok.

To delete your reserved share use the zrok release command or click the delete button in the share's Actions tab in the web console.