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Sharing HTTP Servers

zrok can share HTTP and HTTPS resources natively. If you have an existing web server that you want to share with other users, you can use the zrok share command using the --backend-mode proxy flag.

The --backend-mode proxy is the default backend mode, so if you do not specify a --backend-mode you will get the proxy mode by default.

If you have a web server running on localhost that you want to expose to other users using zrok, you can execute a command like the following:

$ zrok share public localhost:8080

When you execute this command, you'll get a zrok bridge like the following:

│ │
│ │
│ │
│ │

The URL shown at the top of the bridge shows the address where you can access your public share.

Hit CTRL-C or q in the bridge to exit it and delete the public share.