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Open Source

It's important to the zrok project that it remain free and open source software. The code is available on GitHub for the world to use, inspect, and build upon!

Check out the repository over on GitHub at If you find zrok to be useful, and you want to help spread the word of zrok give the project a star. It really does help get the word out about the project.

The project also uses a very permissive license: Apache v2. We encourage people to fork the repo and use zrok for your own purposes how you see fit or contribute back to the project.

Built on OpenZiti

The power of zrok really lies in private sharing. It's increasingly clear that security needs to be a first-class member of any organization. To enable private sharing, zrok was built on top of another excellent open source project named OpenZiti.

OpenZiti is a secure overlay network focusing on bringing zero trust to applications. It is the backbone of zrok. In fact, zrok proudly proclaims itself as an Ziti native application.

If you are interested in learning more about OpenZiti head over to the docs, try the quickstart, and don't forget to star that project too. We couldn't build zrok without OpenZiti!