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Use Another zrok Instance


This guide is relevant if you are self-hosting or using a friend's zrok instance instead of using zrok-as-a-service from

The zrok command on your omputer uses a zrok instance over the network.

The default instance API endpoint for the zrok command is Set the API endpoint to another instance's API endpoint:

zrok config set apiEndpoint
[WARNING]: unable to open environment metadata; ignoring

zrok configuration updated

The WARNING about environment metadata is expected when you run zrok config set before zrok enable.

You can use the zrok status command to inspect the state of your local environment. zrok refers to each shell where you install and enable a copy of zrok as an environment.

zrok status

apiEndpoint config

[WARNING]: Unable to load your local environment!

To create a local environment use the zrok enable command.

The zrok status command shows the configured API service that your environment is using, as well as the SOURCE where the setting was retrieved. In this case, config means that the setting was set into the environment using the zrok config command.