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Shares - Public

zrok was built to share and access digital resources. a public share allows something to be shared through a publicly available endpoint.

Public Sharing


Sharing something with public is useful when the person or service accessing the thing being shared doesn't have zrok running locally and can't make use of the private sharing mode built into zrok. This could be a development web server to share with friends and colleagues, or perhaps a webhook from a server running in the cloud which can't have zrok installed onto it. What matters is that the access to the shared resource needs to be done in a public way, generally for easy access.

Using public shares is easy and is accomplished using the zrok share public command. Run zrok share public to see the usage output and to further learn how to use the command.

Unless reserved (see Sharing - Reserved, all 'public' shares are ephemeral. When the sharing is stopped, the shared url will be reclaimed.